What Companies Inspire Your Brewery?

Apr 05, 2022

There are a ton of extremely innovative breweries out there. And unfortunately, there are a ton of breweries that follow the over-done formula for cookie cutter success.

If you're the only brewery in your market, then mimicking the roadmap executed by your favorite brewery 90 miles may work. However, if you're merely replicating the formula used by 20 other breweries within a 25 mile radius, then you're on the fast track to blend in and be average.

You created your space to be different. To showcase your unique personality. To attract a like-minded community and encourage them to come together over the shared love of beer and what you stand for.

If you recycle ideas from your local brewing community, you are giving up the ethos of why you chose to exist. 

I encourage you to look outside of craft beer for inspiration.

Who are the companies you look up to? Do you admire Patagonia for their sustainability? Do you admire Starbucks for their scalability? Do you admire companies like Netflix and Spotify for their subscription models?

Take out a pen and paper and write down the top 3 companies you respect. Follow that up with the 3 reasons why. These companies don't have to be national companies that we all know. They could be the local hotdog shop down the street that has managed to survive 50 years.

Next, write down the 3 reason you respect these companies.

Now take a look in the mirror. Are you able to apply any of these principles to your brewery and taproom?

When I was a kid my parents would take me to dinner every blue moon at the local "fill in the blank" chain restaurant. I don't remember which chain it was, or what I had for dinner (probably a hamburger kid's meal). However, I do remember that there was a clown there making us balloons. 

That clown provided my siblings and I the little dose of entertainment we needed to help make that outing a more pleasant experience for us, our parents, the staff, and probably the other guests in the restaurant.

Now I'm not telling you to bring in a clown every Saturday afternoon to get the families that visit to hang out longer, but brainstorm the "clown" that could help make your taproom experience more memorable for everyone.


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