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Welcome to Taproom Success! We have combined our knowledge of customer engagement, hospitaility, and finance to bring you the Taproom Success Membership. We are excited to welcome you to the community of taproom professionals! 

Andrew Coplon

Andrew Coplon is the Founder of Secret Hopper and Craft Beer Professionals. Andrew helps breweries nationwide create more memorable and profitable taproom experiences using data-based insights gathered from thousands of visits. He has successfully built a community of 16,000 Craft Beer Professionals dedicated to the growth and betterment of our industry across the United States. When he isn’t building relationships on Zoom or meeting you for a pint, he enjoys climbing jungle gyms with his son, Max, or planning the next adventure with his wife, Stacie.

Andrew Coplon - Taproom Success Program

Kary Shumway

Kary is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, and all around Numbers Guy. Kary has been working in the beer business in finance and operations for over 20 years. Kary created and publishes Craft Brewery Financial Training.com, an online resource for craft brewery professionals looking to take their brewery finances to the next level. He is also the author of the book Beer Business Finance, and creator of Kary's Financial Training

Kary Shumway - Taproom Success Program

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