Which gender tips the highest in your taproom?

Mar 23, 2022
What helps increase tips in your taproom?

As we learned in our last blog, higher engagement leads to a higher tipping percentage, but are all guests in your taproom receiving equal engagement? The answer is "no."

The difference between male and female tip percentages

Males are 45% likely to receive high engagement, while females are only 38% likely to receive the high level of engagement.

Females are also 8% likely to receive low engagement vs men who receive low engagement on 4% of brewery visits.

How does this impact tipping? As a whole, women tip a higher percent than men.

Creating a welcoming environment for all guests will help increase repeat customers, and I imagine your staff will enjoy those extra tips. 

Make sure your staff are treating each guest with the same level of respect and engagement. That new guest at the end of the bar, regardless of their age, gender, race, level of beer drinker, or any other criteria, could be your next best customer.


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