What helps increase tips in your taproom?

Mar 18, 2022
What helps increase tips in your taproom?

As a kid I remember my parents leaving a 10 to 15 percent tip for our servers wherever we went out for a monthly dinner, normally somewhere simple like Ruby Tuesday’s or maybe Shoney’s — never a brewery. Today, tipping is an expectation in nearly every realm of the service industry. Steve Dublanica, author of Waiter Rant, even penned a book specifically on the subject, Keep The Change, in which he discusses the history of tipping and expectations in the American economy. While there may be standards, what do people actually tip?

The research behind why people tip

Using research collected through Secret Hopper, based on 2,500 non-paid brewery visits, we have studied spending trends among men and women across various age ranges. The sample set includes nearly a 50/50 mix of men and women.

It all comes down to engagement. When your staff is able to not only serve, but build relationships with your guests. They will see a combination of higher tips, higher tabs, and more customers. Your staff are the face of your brewery, and the better they can connect with your guests, the sooner your guests will return and share their experience with other.

And now for the numbers...

When your brewery staff exhibits a high level of engagement to your guests, those guests leave an average tip of 23.4 percent. 

Those guests receiving a high level of engagement tip 26 percent more than guests who believe they receive low engagement from your staff.

Build those relationships!

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