The Secret to Making Taproom Habits Stick

Mar 31, 2022
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While I highly encourage you to read the book (Atomic Habits by James Clear), here are a few cliffnotes that can be applied to the taproom experience. 

It is your goal to have your taproom staff get in a routine of delivering a positive experience for your guests. These relationships are built through engagement. While certain aspects of engagement may seem non-important (i.e. introducing yourself, asking guests to sign up for a mailing list), they can ultimately impact your business in a positive way - and get your taproom team seeing higher tabs and tips.

For our example, we're going to use my favorite upsell tactic of encouraging beer to go in Clear's "How to Create a Good Habit" model.


Step 1: Make it Obvious

Right before your staff close a tab, they will authentically ask the guest if they'd like to take any beer home


Step 2: Make it Attractive

Get your entire team excited for encouraging beer to go. Consider offering a bonus.


Step 3: Make it Easy

Perhaps have a can/bottle fridge behind the register. Put a little sticker on the bar near checkout reminding your beertenders to encourage it. Maybe even consider having your POS ask the question for you.


Step 4: Make it Satisfying

Make your staff aware of their greater tips (most guests tip on to go purchases). Keep a visual somewhere showing how often your team is converting on to go purchases as a constant reminder.


I challenge you to test this. Whether it's to go beer or another habit you would like to see your team get better at. Don't just ask them to do it, help them make it a habit.


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