Taproom Customer Service Success

brewery brewery finances customer service engagement hospitality taproom experience Mar 06, 2024

Experience. That's what guests crave when they come to your taproom. And it's your team that has the ability to take a visit from average to world-class. In this conversation, we will hear from industry leaders from across the country to discuss the strategies that can elevate a taproom's hospitality, resulting in the guests coming back sooner, and spending more money.

We're here to talk about taproom customer service success stories.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear real-world examples of breweries offering exceptional hospitality
  • Learn how both technology and your team can maximize the guest experience
  • Dive into an extensive set of taproom and financial data that reinforces the need for a high level of service
  • Be ready to invest in the education, training, and development of your team to see greater taproom success.

We are excited to be joined by:

Andrew Coplon (Founder, Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper/Taproom Success)

Elise Strupp (Event & Programming Manager, MobCraft Beer)

Jake Nunes (Director of Hospitality, Modern Times Beer)

Kary Shumway (Founder, Craft Brewery Financial Training/Taproom Success)

Mateen Habib (VP of Growth, GoTab)

After this session you will be ready to maximize the guest experience and possess new strategies, and insight, to create more memorable and profitable taproom visits.

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