Taproom Guest Spending by Party Size

May 27, 2022

Don't judge a guest by how many people are in their party.

The amount brewery guests spend, based on how many people are in their party, may surprise you. 

Don’t discredit a person based on the number of guests in the party. Speaking personally, I know when I visit a brewery alone, it’s often easier for me to spend more. Whether it’s because not having a 2 year old by my side allows me to safely have a third beer, or perhaps my wife isn’t there to remind me that I already have enough beer in the fridge, I often find myself “treating” myself. The data shows that I’m not the only party of 1 with these habits.

 The solo guest, which accounts for about 11% of taproom guests, spends 42% more than the guest part of a party of 7. The single guest spends an average of $30, vs the $21 per guest in a party of 7+. As discussed earlier, the average guest is spending about $22. We see parties of 2 as the most common party size, accounting for 46% of visits. Parties of 3 and 4 account for 28% of breweries visits, vs parties greater than 4 making up approximately 15% of total taproom visits.

Why are these statistics important? It’s vital to find authentic ways to build relationships with guests whether they are alone or one of many in a group. As owners, managers, and beertenders, it is your goal to maximize and create the most memorable relationship for each guest. And also make it as profitable for you, your team, and your brewery.

Another possible explanation for higher single guest spending is that a single guest can be given more one on one attention from brewery staff. This can influence them to spend more. In larger parties, brewery staff is dividing their attention between more people. The data supports this hypothesis. However, that does not mean you cannot continually strive to build a connection with each guest no matter the size of a party. Sure, it’s potentially harder, and requires different approaches, but understanding the goal of the party can help you maximize the experience, and spend. For a party of 2, out on a date, the less is more approach could be valuable. Cramming as much information into short bursts while respecting their space could result in the ideal experience for everyone.

For a larger party, finding ways to speak to the entire group could allow you to connect with multiple people at one. Simply asking, “what brings you all out tonight?” is a great way to understand this. Perhaps it’s a birthday party? Let’s make sure Kary has a fantastic 75th, and make it your theme for the evening. Or are all 10 people part of the same kickball team? Find commonalities and roll with it. The more each guest feels like you’re speaking to them, the more they’ll spend. In order to do this you have to open up and want to build a relationship.

This research was collected through Secret Hopper, based on 5711 non-paid brewery visits, studying spending trends among men and women across various age ranges. The average brewery tab studied includes 1.95 guests. The sample set includes nearly a 50/50 mix of men/women.

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