Key to Taproom Food Profits: The Narrow Menu

taproom finances taproom food Feb 01, 2022
Key to Taproom Food Profits: The Narrow Menu

When it comes to making money on food in your taproom, the key is to have a narrow menu. The narrower the better. 

This does not mean that you don't give your guests choices.

Consider how you can use the Platform Strategy: One basic food item you can make in 10 or 15 different ways. Think: Pizza. 

Your guests want choices, but your income statement needs profits. 

As you design your taproom food menu, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be really careful about menu growth. The simpler the better (and the more profitable)
  • Understand your margins on each food item. You don't need to make money every time, but you need to know what your margins are. 
  • Do not shrink the portion size in response to cost increases. In a word, this irritates people. They notice. 
  • Don't drop your prices. Discounts signal desperation. Don't be desperate with your food.

The key to taproom food profits is keeping your menu narrow and using a platform strategy.

This approach makes both your guests, and your income statement, very happy.

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