Taproom Staff that Introduce Themselves See Higher Tabs

customer experience engagement increase taproom sales May 10, 2022

We've talked before about the Venn Diagram of Taproom Experience and learned that the ideal visit includes delicious beer, a memorable atmosphere, and engaging staff. Sounds obvious, right? However, there are little, seemingly minor touches you can add to make the experience better for everyone.

Today's tip: Introduce yourself

I've never heard a guest complain about a beertender not giving their name. While this detail may not knowingly impact a guest's visit, it can have added value for your team and your taproom. 

Guests spend 20% more when the staff member introduces themself. 

"Hi, I'm Andrew. Welcome to Andrew's Brewery."

Yup, the data shows from a set of over 6000 visits that the guest will spend 20% more (and tip 3% higher). 

Get in routine of authentically introducing yourself to your guests and encourage your team to do the same. We all love a little human connection.

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