How to Successfully Plan Taproom Events (Part 2)

Feb 18, 2022
How to Successfully Plan Taproom Events (Part 2)

Let’s begin with need (N). 

When you begin to brainstorm what events you may host, first ask yourself, “Is there a need?”

Have your guests been requesting a trivia night based on some obscure 80’s sci-fi show? Do you frequently have patrons wishing there was a small concert venue in your area that featured acoustic acts? Would it be a good idea to host a seasonal food and beer pairing? A simple way to determine the need is to ask you guests. 


Ask them while in your taproom, ask them on your social media, ask them wherever and whenever they may be excited to provide input. Determine if there’s a demand, how large that demand may be, and then ask yourself if the idea at hand is feasible in your taproom. You may have some surprising, and exciting, discoveries during this process.


Authenticity (A) would have been a better first letter to begin with, unfortunately I can’t change the spelling of nano.

Even more important than the need for a particular event, it is vital for you to stay true to your brand.

Is hosting an intimate, politically charged gathering at your small, sports-themed taproom going to gel with your clientele? Probably not. Is partnering with the SPCA on a Saturday rescue event going to go over well? It just might if you’re still pulling double duty as a veterinarian and highly engaged with the local animal lover community. 


Don’t simply host an event because.

I repeat, do not just let any event take place in your taproom. Everything that happens in your taproom reflects your core values. Does your brewery have a mission statement? If not, sit down right now and begin the process. A simple google search of your favorite brands and breweries is a great start for inspiration. 


This mission statement should carry over to every decision that happens at your brewery.

Sure, you run a business, but selling yourself to the devil and aligning yourself with ideas and partners that do not line up with your values can ultimately be detrimental.


Part 3...coming soon.

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