How to Successfully Plan Taproom Events (Part 1)

Feb 15, 2022
How to Successfully Plan Taproom Events (Part 1)

The odds are you didn’t open a brewery to look like the other 8999 out there.

You had a vision to be a place people gathered for the shared love of beer brewed on-premise. You desired to create a welcoming space where those in your community could come together and create memories. You aimed to create a taproom that had a unique vibe, staff, and experience not felt anywhere else. You aimed to be different.

With 9000 breweries and counting, it is vital to not only make high quality beer, but to also create an overall experience that leaves your guests craving more.

One of the many ways you successfully create guest experiences is by hosting events.

And there is no playbook to follow, but rather the mindset that as an entrepreneur you will forever be striving to find repeatable strategies that can make your life easier and more successful. You and your team best know your space and your audience. It is our hope that the concepts discussed here can simply inspire you to never stop crafting innovative and memorable experiences.

Because letters are fun, we are going to use the word “NANO” as an acronym to help you stay on track when planning events.

Whether you are the nano-ist of nano breweries or one of the top 50 in the United States, these 4 concepts matter. Big shout out to the team at Brew Your Own Magazine for the inspiration to write a piece on what a taproom should consider when using their space.


N – Need

A – Authenticity

N – Numbers

O – Originality


Part 2...coming soon.

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