What's 1 task you wish your taproom staff did better?

Mar 28, 2022
What's 1 task you wish your taproom staff did better?

I'm currently finishing up Atomic Habits by James Clear. In his book, Clear speaks to how little, positive changes can ultimately make a big difference.

If you're looking to lose weight, you're not going to drop 50 pounds overnight. The final destination of losing 50 pounds is the result of single habits (i.e. going to the gym, eating healthier) that you make consistent parts of your daily routine.

What's an improvement you'd like to see in your brewery's taproom?

  • Do you want to see more can and crowler sales? Then challenge your staff to authentically and intentionally ask each guest when appropriate.
  • Does your team wish they were receiving higher tips? Then encourage them to ask each guest a unique question with the goal of building a deeper relationship.
  • Do you want to start hosting more events? Then ask your guests what type of events they'd like to see to give yourself inspiration and the motivation to make them happen.

Don't just encourage a beer to go once, or try to build a deeper relationship every now and then, or only ask a couple regulars about the events they'd like to see. Make these behaviors habits and begin the quest for positive change.

I challenge you to pick one task today that you would love to see your team improve upon and start small. Encourage a specific action and then watch it turn into a habit.


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